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Submit your own stupid app review

Hey gang, it’s become clear with the amount I write and work being what work is, I don’t quite have the snarky spin I once had with stupid app reviews.

It’s coming off more like safe for tv Bob Saget these days, and I’ve been struggling more and more to find absurdly stupid reviews and seem to have peaked at the low facepalm level.

If you see a stupid app review, shoot me a link to it in the comments to this post. To link to a review on Google Play, click the review, a link will appear, click that. You’ll be taken to a page where the review appears directly underneath the product.

I see you don’t understand security or the legal code

rec screen recorderThese two reviews make me facepalm so hard there are fingerprints on my brain now.

These come from the Rec. Screen Recorder app (root required,) and they’re from people who rate an app 1-star because they want everything done for them.

“If a thing is required for an app to work, you should explain how to get that thing.” We’ll start here. When you purchase a car you’re not given a set of instructions on how to drive, nor get to the gas station.

To obtain root on Android is different for most of the devices out there – on HTCs devices you go to htcdev, unlock the bootloader, flash a custom recovery, flash a superuser binary, and install superuser. Along the way you may need to install some drivers, download a windows service pack, or install an Android software development kit.

Some devices have one-click root methods. Some you have to flash an exploitable firmware and inject code in order to get root. The one-click root methods mean the device is inherently insecure.

“I just don’t believe that no one can write to storage on their card now without modifying xml files in their phone.” – with Android 4.4 they did away with that ability – you can run an app called SDFix that will change those XML files, but you’ll need root. If he’d googled “Android 4.4 sd card” he’d have it in the first couple of entries.

After rating the thing one star, the reviewer then ends the thing with “Couldn’t actually use the app – 1 star.” Congrats sir, you rated an app you couldn’t possibly use because you didn’t meet the minimum requirements, then you wrote in text what that app’s rating you were giving it was. One star. Bravo.

The next review says that rooting your phone is very illegal. Very wrong. So very very wrong. Currently rooting phones and devices for purposes not pertaining to thievery is quite legal.