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Sometimes I weep for developers

aLogcat hate

There’s a free app with no advertising that reads your log files. This is all the app does. The above user got an MSL number from a log file his Android device produced by using the free app that he downloaded.

After that he then attempted to dial ##4282# which if you’re familiar with Android diag codes looks suspiciously like ##3282# (pound pound D A T A pound.) In fact I’ve never heard of ##4282#, nor evidently has Google.

Now, it should be noted that aLogcat has nothing to do with a carrier’s EPST dialer which that code is. aLogcat produced the magic number he was looking for and produced it correctly.

When his request to go in and edit information was denied (most likely because he’s dialing the wrong number,) he then rated the app one star.

One star for an app that did what it says, didn’t advertise to him or beg for money, retrieved the MSL that was in the logs, did everything that it claimed to do.

Sort of like claiming that a bat was worthless because you didn’t swing.