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Sadness in educational reviews

All of the following come from educational software reviews on Google Play.

mad not daloding

In an incredibly helpful 1-star review. “Happy, yon piumunk!”

big black scware


Sadly, this is on an educational application that has nothing to do with learning spelling.

too many video clips

This is on an app that has video clips… a lot of them…

PBS kids is for babies

This is someone using Steve Martin’s name to troll the PBS Kids app. I thought it might be Steve himself for a bit, but checking the linked G+ profile unless he’s really anti Justin Beiber and really into Disney princesses lately, I think this is unfunny trolling is unfunny.

Great the best

This reviewer knows there’s only one star of this review, and that’s the reviewer. Awww yeah, if you can’t rate them properly, make sure to confuse the hell out of them.