Yo da

Yo! Yo? Yo!? Yo. Yo :( yo }===)~

Yo is an app that sends the word “yo” to people who have the Yo app. That’s all it does. It’s like poking someone on Facebook in that it’s stupid, but the Yo app doesn’t claim it can do anything other than send a Yo to a Yo user,


Basically you have to figure out what the need might be for it and whether the person you’re Yoing has a clue why you’re yoing them. Not hard. You can also be a tool and just keep pressing a button to annoy a friend.

Yo reviews

Hrmm, let’s go through these…


#1 positive text, but only 1 star. Somehow I think you’re being disingenuous with your rating. That, or you’re attempting to display the duality of the Yo in a review, since there are two Yo states, much like the Yin-Yang – you have Yo, and not Yo.

#2 there’s nothing that fails quite so bad as failing to properly spell “dumb” in a review. With also getting “it’s” wrong, every single thing this person wrote is incorrect other than their name, I’m assuming.

#3 Yo pretty clearly states it’s “yo” for everything. Someone didn’t read the product description, the internet for the past six months, Comedy Central, etc.

#4 Yo has arisen anger, someone got the wrong context for it.

#5 Ummmm assuming you’ve been in a box for a while, it’s a joke, or a useful tool if all you want to say is yo. This is like arguing that the “why did the chicken cross the road” joke is not funny to a group of people who got it.

#6 our diagnostician friend has come in and given a diagnosis of retardation to people. Which people said diagnostician has diagnosed with retardation remain to be seen, but the guess would be people who downloaded the Yo app, which our diagnostician friend is one of.


So, for the people who can’t figure out what a Yo app could be useful for – it’s an app that doesn’t waste an SMS to deliver a notification. It also doesn’t require you to pull up a keyboard and type anything. The Yo is delivered and it’s up to the recipient to decide what to do with it.

Ideas just off the top of my head – a yo for when your S/O gets back and needs help unloading groceries, for when the party is on, as an “I love you,” etc. It’s up to you and your Yo-e to figure out a use for it.

I’m not trying to defend the app, but there are plain ass obvious uses for something that looks so stupid and raw and doesn’t use SMS to deliver content.

But yeah, misspelling dumb makes my head hurt.