Getting rabbid at Raving Rabbids

Raving Rabbids is a us $0.49 game on Google Play, it’s not for everyone but what is other than water?

Ravings Rabbids Wast of Money

Ok, we’ll skip the spell check nazidom and go to the root of the complaint: this kid bought the game for $0.49, didn’t like it, and when he attempted to return it within the timeframe allowed by Google his father put down his feet and said with a mighty bellow “no son, thou shalt not have thy refund, yea though t’would only take a click you’ve made your purchase, now live with it!”

Seems like the problem here is with the parent, not the game.

Ravings Rabbids Slow to Download

This person has one valid complaint, it freezes too much. There’s a stand there for a one star review, I’ll buy it. The game freezes too much, it’s a one star game. That would be a review.

And then the person complains about this person’s device not being able to download fast over their carrier or WiFi connection.

That’s like getting on Yelp and rating a restaurant one star due to food, and then you had to wait at a stop sign. The second thing has absolutely nothing to do with the first.

Ravings Rabbids Garfield Won't Let Me PlayI may have mentioned that we’re reviewing Raving Rabbids, but for those not following this is a review on Raving Rabbids. Last I checked the Rabbids don’t hate Mondays for no reason, love coffee and lasagna.

Reviews like this drag a rating down and do no good to anyone and make you look like you’re on drugs or hate Mondays for no reason because you’re a cat.

Did I mention this is on the Raving Rabbids game?

Raving Rabbids mom let me pary

I’m torn between “my mom let me pay for it because she loves rabbit” or “my mom let me pray for it…” this review seriously reminds me of random Japanese T-Shirts with English words on them.

Raving Rabbids waste money

These three app reviews from the same day in a row all show one thing – none of these people understand that if something doesn’t work you’ve got 15 minutes to return it.

Many times, since there are a ton of versions of Android out there on tons of devices with craptons of launchers, an app isn’t going to work.

A developer tries to make a game work with everything, but if they can’t they can at least rest assured that if a user downloads it and it doesn’t work that user can get their money back within a 15 minute time period.

Which three in a row didn’t.

Any time you see someone on Google Play saying they bought, downloaded, and lost money because the app wouldn’t work, it’s because they don’t know what they’re doing and how to get a refund.

Also you can rent a Redbox movie for $0.49? That’s news to me as the lowest I can find is $1.20.