CyanogenMod ROMs bad reviews2

Maybe if I speak louder they’ll understand

Today’s reviews come from the CyanogenMod ROMs app. This is a Spanish language app that helps you to download a CyanogenMod based ROM on a rooted phone.

What the app does is not important, what you want to take heed of here is Spanish language, free app, and did I mention the description was all in Spanish?

CyanogenMod ROMs bad reviews2


These are just a sample of the ~470 1 & 2-star reviews.

Now, a couple of things to also take note of are that the Play Store allows you to translate the Spanish language into somewhat broken English and read that if your phone isn’t supported to email the developer and he’ll add it, and to please do that rather than rating the thing negatively.

There are also a series of threats that they’ll leave one-star ratings if their phone isn’t on the supported models. Old threats left there dragging the app’s rating down which in turns makes it less SEO relevant and less likely to get downloaded.

Imagine there’s a baker out there and he’s giving out free cupcakes. You go and try the cupcake and find that it doesn’t quite fit properly in your car’s cup holder to take it home easily. You could easily ask the baker to trim the cupcake down a bit or go to the cupcake store next door and get one to your liking, however you decide to threaten to picket the free cupcake stand until such time as the developer makes you a  correctly sized cupcake, but you’re speaking in Navajo Code Talker language and the baker is deaf. That’s sort of what’s going on here.


This is one of the reasons we can’t have nice things.