What Gotham needs is a good suing

Batman Arkham Origins is evidently not the finest Gotham can produce

Nothing brings fear to the minds of Gotham’s ne’er-do-wells like the threat of someone’s dad suing a company because a game crashes.

If you’re not familiar with Batman: Arkham Origins, it’s a free game put out by Warner Brothers about the Dark Knight and some Gotham adventures.

I guess the case could be made that the in-app purchases you buy entitle you to a refund if you’ve purchased them on a game that’s crashing quite a bit, but then again why would you purchase something in a game that doesn’t work?

What’s better than that, and I had to do a little cut and pasting so yes, the rating is moved a bit from where it’s supposed to be, the guy rates it above average.

In Yelp terminology that means it’s A-OK. I don’t think that’s the rating this person was attempting to leave while threatening a baseless lawsuit.

Just because you want a free game to work doesn’t mean you’re legally entitled to it.

Thanks for sending this in Alex!