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Meanwhile on Instagram…

One day on Google Play I was trying to find something in the Instagram reviews. Instead of finding it, I found these:

One Star wait wait wait no five stars.... never mind

I’ll start off the site with something that’s confused me and I see quite a bit. People who claim they’re giving a product one star and instead give it five. Now I don’t know whether to believe them or not.

Come out and fix that network

In 1991 I believe I could have forgiven this. At that time most people didn’t have computers, the idea that there was a set limit on data transmission across a network might have been forgiven.

Today with every other carrier commercial talking about their network speeds and most people having the understanding that an image is a file and that file has size, this person is asking Instagram to go and fix his cell phone carrier’s network for him.

“Hey UPS, these 150 pound weights I ordered are too heavy for me to easily carry up the stairs. Make my arms strong!”

Flipagram liars you're liars I tell you

I have no snarky comment here, the review just amused me. I feel you should spike your phone down after a review like that.

It's a sad state when Instagram, owned by Facebook, which has no political affiliations starts blocking their right wing customer base

This one was my personal favorite. The author evidently believes that the people who design and maintain Instagram sit around blocking people from commenting on things based on political ideology.

Instagram is owned by Facebook, which is owned by a guy who doesn’t give two craps about what political party you are as long as he makes money off of you.

Instagram responds to complaints by its members who have been harassed by users. My bet is this particular person didn’t post a comment that said “wow, beautiful photo, I’m a republican by the way,” and get blocked.

But I could be wrong. Perhaps they do go through and check political party registration state by state and make sure you’re voting to keep the liberal demoncrats in office and will appease the Satan-loving left wing Instagram users.