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Oh hai internets

Stupid App Reviews starting logoSo a while back I happened to read an app review in which a woman threatened to “sew” an app developer because her phone wasn’t supported. Another person on another application threatened a developer’s life because the app (labeled as a beta,) crashed frequently and he had to re-launch it.

Before that I’d watched a developer go off on someone who asked an innocent and honest question about a default setting.

The overreactions from opposite sides of the development worlds got me to realizing that there’s both humor and extreme unwarranted anger toward the developers who make our toys, and the people who use them.

Also there are a lot of people with smartphones and keyboards who need to calm down for a few minutes and think about whether they want to threaten the life of someone because their app crashes won’t let them take their move all the time, or they have to enter a username and password occasionally.

What popped out as amusing to me, especially with the death threats, was how hilarious the overreactions were to what amounted to “you gave me a toy for free, it doesn’t work like I want it to.” Maybe that’ll be funny, maybe not.

My name is Paul. I was a comedian for eight years, I’m a landlord, tech writer, baby blogger, IT manager/tech for a couple of companies, internet troll, programmer, father, holder of shedded cat fur, and probably all around unlikable guy.

And hopefully Stupid App Reviews will either have something to amuse you, troll you with, or educate you to the realities of software development and posting on the internet.

And sometimes I’ll review an app that’s incredibly stupid I’m sure.

Or maybe not.

There’ll be a contact us link at some point shortly unless I abandon the idea completely because I can’t keep it from being mean-spirited, so feel free to join in what will either be some fun, or a quick descent into being a bunch of internet jerks, in which case I’ll probably scrub the site.

Stupid App Reviews is just a little project site at the moment, so if it’s a hassle or I’m being mean, well that’s $14 for the domain I’d be willing to walk away from.